In addition to hospice care Compassionate Care Western North Carolina provides grief counseling to family members and the community, free of charge.

Many people feel alone or abandoned when their loved one dies. For them we offer a 13-month program that includes calls, visits, groups, cards and other mailings to family members of hospice patients, or anyone in the community suffering from loss.

We also provide counseling sessions, a warm heart and listening ear to those struggling with loss. People appreciate our dedicated and private counseling room but we also make home visits to those who may not be able to come to the office.

We also provide group therapy sessions to those who wish to connect with others who have lost loved ones. Many people feel they are alone in their grief. When they come to a session they find comfort and friendship knowing they are not alone.

Our spring memorial service honors the lives of those who have passed during the previous year. It is a time to share good memories and remember the love that we shared with families. Patients’ families become our family too.

When you choose Compassionate Care Western North Carolina you are choosing an organization that not only ministers to the physical needs of patients, but also to the social and spiritual needs of the entire family. If you need grief therapy just know that we care and that our services are completely free.